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German pen-and-ink master.

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Hi guys!

I need your help. I am working on my print store and now i want to send few prints in different corners of the world to test how shipping works and what rates are.
I was searching for good printing company in my country for almost half year and now about happy with the quality i achieved.
So if you willing to help drop me your snail mail address please (by note or on my email:

I don't know how many people will respond, i'm thinking to send 3 prints or so.
These will be Old hag prints
Old hag by veprikov

Thank you friends for such immediate assistance! 

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One of my favourite artists on DA hypnothalamus

Stillness by hypnothalamus Cassandra's torment. Visions of the future by hypnothalamus Behemoth by hypnothalamus 

Mature Content

Homunculus by hypnothalamus
Homunculi by hypnothalamus
Erebus. Front of darkness. Swarm of Saturniidae by hypnothalamus  Icarus. Rise by hypnothalamus Exodus. Piano in an empty room by hypnothalamus Shine by hypnothalamus Leaving on a jet plane by hypnothalamus 

Mature Content

Imperia pulveris by hypnothalamus
 Oneironaut by hypnothalamus Precog by hypnothalamus Andromeda by hypnothalamus Reliques du monde flottant by hypnothalamus
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For these who struggling with a huge jpeg compression while uploading art on Facebook it seems i found a solution. Upload your image in *.png.
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Hi, guys. I have received links to images, stories and even music followed Old hag picture. And points too :o I want to collect all stuff here, so when I will turn sixty i will come back to this entry and drop a solitary tear on my wacom intuos 18.

Hopefully i didn't messed up tumblr credits. If i did or missed something, please let me know and i will update journal. 

Thanks people! You are fantastic!


New hat by :iconloona-cry:

Even witches need new hats by :iconblackadderthe14th:

Hat by satamoru

Hat by tohdaryl

Comic by plintoon



Old Hag by :iconxxwolf-blossomxx: 

The Witch by :iconbellotempestade: 

Story by Francine

Story by :icontrueeros:


Music by :iconnielshakmusic:


Wizard Hat, complete with Wizard Fire! Poof! 

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I was not able to upload stuff for a while and almost forgot that feeling. I can't exaggerate how cool it is. I don't think that i will be able ever to return your kindness, guys. I am going to read all of your comments in next few days.
It fuels a lot. Thanks and cheers! :ahoy:
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Hi, guys. You are probably hear that EXPOSE 10 is now available to pre-order. If you don't, check it out:…
I am a lucky one to be a part of that awesomeness.
Btw i am actually working and didn't died in laziness :D Hopefully will be able to share something soon.
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Just  want to say thank you for all great feedback that you give me. It inspires me a lot!
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The first about 32 bit color depth and the second about Fresnel reflections:……
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Very common and still there are some things to improve, but anyway:
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I am so glad! Huge thank you :iconyondercat: and :iconkeremgo:

Also i want to say thank you to :iconagnaya: who suggested my previous dd

And, guys, thank you for faves and comments. I will answer your comments in next few days ;)
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Hi, guys!
I wrote a tutorial about modeling. In the future I'll write a couple about texturing and light. I don't wanna focus on these aspects, because there are a lot of this kind of stuff on the web. I will shortly describe how I do it. Then I want to write about more narrowly focused and interesting topics(as for me).
Feel free to ask any questions and suggest topics for tutorials.
Modeling tutorial
A little walk through of one of my non-personal projects
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I have started an account on Facebook. Meanwhile i don't clearly understand what for 8-) I suppose for most of you it will be more convenient to see my new works on facebook?

I also think to start a blog in English (I started one, but in Russian). I want to share with you some interesting things and at the same time improve my English(Yeeep, i am sure you mention how terrible it is) :D
Therefore the question: what kind of stuff you wanna see from me? May be some tutorials, wip images, wireframes, zbrush screens? What you might be interested? Anything that comes to mind, please.

Also i want to say huge "THANK YOU" to everybody who comment, fav and simply view my pictures. All your feedback is important, it helps me to grow, to feel myself in harmony. I know the artist doing art for himself, but without feedback it is boring i think. Everybody wants to share.

And i appologize for my reticence. On the one hand it's is because of my English, on the other hand because that's the way I am :|

Wish you health and harmony.

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Hi, my dear watchers. I have few requests for "untitled_1" as a print now, so i have uploaded it. If somebody wanna make a print from my work, just make a note or write to me via mail and i will send you high-res image, so afterwards you may print it in printing office. I think it will be cheaper then make an order through deviantart.
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Thanks jcroxas and joannastar for showing my work to such beautiful people. Also thanks to all who viewed it and all who added my picture to favourites. I am happy to know that such a large number of people liked my work.
I will reply to all comments in a few days. Thank you for kind words and for your questions.
Cheers! :ahoy:
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Hi. Perhaps someone have noticed that I've created a second account. There I will add sketches, wip images, may be old works, etc. I hope it will be interesting to someone. If you want to contact me then write better on this account, because the second I will not visit so often.
Cheers :ahoy:

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Hi everyone! :D It was really unexpected to get DD!
Big thanks to archanN and taenaron :ahoy:

I didn't make journal entry when I got first DD. So I will fix it :toocool: Huge hug to ftourini and joannastar :hug:
Living behind the clouds


Thanks to all for faves and comments! I'll try to answer your messages ASAP ;)
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Hi my dear watchers! I wrote making of my latest work "Artist". I hope it will be helpful and interesting for you…
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